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Höst 2017

Kristin Korb

Lördag, 11 november

“The performances on this album are impeccable. Kristin Korb plays and sings superbly showing total command of both her instruments. Magnus Hjorth and Snorre Kirk show themselves not only to be the perfect accompaniment for Korb however shine in their own right throughout the entire album. Beyond the Moon is an album that will certainly appeal to a wide audience of jazz lovers. – highly recommended.” 
- Andrew Read from Jazz in Europe

Fängslande och personlig

Mainstreamjazz med tydliga melodier, sväng och trygga standards kan låta trist. Men det kan också vara alldeles helt underbart fantastiskt och fängslande. Som när den sjungande basisten Kristin Korb öppenhjärtigt levererar låtar från sitt liv; flytten österut från USA till Danmark, bubblande optimism och kärlekslycka, växlat med sorg och smärta i avståndet till anhöriga i USA.

Det är således personligt i allra högsta grad. Men också lätt att identifiera sig med och känna igen sig i många sammanhang som hon berättar om i sin musik. Det låter lite New Orleans, lite blues och har en rytmisk elegans som få andra akter. Lätt att öppna sitt hjärta för, och omöjligt att glömma.

Line up: Magnus Hjorth (piano) Snorre Kirk (trummor), Mathias Heise (munspel).

+Försmak som alltid från St.Sigfrids Folkhögskola

Från läses:
"There are few bassists who can sing and there are even fewer who can do it well.
Kristin Korb is one of those artists who make you forget that she is playing the bass when you hear her crystalline voice. Inspired by the days when music was romantic and made you want to dance, Kristin and her trio embody that spirit and carry their audiences along for the ride. Love eventually brought the American bassist and vocalist to Denmark in 2011.

In November 2016, Korb released her eighth CD, Beyond the Moon. Inspired by the storytelling of one of America’s greatest lyricists, Johnny Mercer, Kristin includes several of his biggest hits and then takes a voyage of discovery into unpublished texts that Mercer never made into songs.

Kristin’s performances of all eleven songs thrive on elements that she and Mercer have in common; reverence for melody; phrasing and inflection influenced by the blues; understanding of the relationship of harmonies to tunes and words. In making songs of orphan texts from the Mercer archive, Kristin and Magnus Hjorth, the pianist in her trio, evoke Mercer’s powers of rhythm and rhyme. They and drummer Snorre Kirk comprise a working group in high demand in Europe, where they live, and in their US tours.

Korb earned her Music Education degree at Eastern Montana College and her masters in Classical Bass Performance the University of California, San Diego. It was while she was a student at UCSD that her professor, Bertram Turetzky inspired her to sing and play bass at the same time. She also studied with Ray Brown, with whom she made her recording debut, Introducing Kristin Korb with the Ray Brown Trio released in 1996.

She has taught at the University of Southern California where she was coordinator of vocal jazz studies, Azuza Pacific University, Grossmont Community College and was Director of Jazz Studies at Central Washington University. Korb is still very involved in educational outreach and teaches at universities, jazz camps and festivals with young students.

As President of the International Society of Bassists, Korb was artistic director for the 2013 ISB Convention in Rochester, NY (Eastman School of Music).

Kristin tours across the world and has performed with jazz artists such as Llew Matthews, Kim Richmond, Pete Christlieb, Jeff Hamilton, Alex Riel and Jan Lundgren.

She now lives in Denmark with her Danish husband. When she’s not playing music, Kristin enjoys going to the gym, maintaining her position as family salad ninja, and exploring the world of wine tasting through travel."

En personlig video av Kristin herself  från 2013.  Hon skriver: "It was an adventure of planes, trains and busses. This is an original I wrote before the trip, but we developed it during the week. It was recorded live (no mixing or edits) off the board during one of our concerts. Here is our little video / slideshow of the tour and the things we saw along the way. Jeg Elsker Dig (y-eye elske die) is Danish for "I love you". I'm not quite up for writing an entire song in Danish yet... This is as close as I'm getting for now."

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